War Of The Wizards

The Minotaur Messenger
How Mysterious!

This happens to each of you:
There you were, minding your own business, really. It was late in the day and you had just settled down to dinner when you heard someone pound loudly at your door. When you trudge to the door, grumbling, and throw it open you see a big, burly minotaur. You stare up his large nostrils and barely register his black leather pants, simple white peasants shirt and well-worn walking stick. Before you have a chance to react he thusts a letter into your hand, backs up two steps, and raps his staff into the ground twice in sharp succession. He disappears unceremoniously without so much as a poof of smoke or a bang leaving you asking the age old question…

What the hell?!

With mounting panic you realize that the letter has the royal seal. You peel back the slightly beaten envelope and find this letter (feel free to open the file to see the pretty version):

Dear Citizen of Fairwind,
It may come as a surprise to ye to receive a letter under such mysterious circomstances. I assure you that my requeste is of the utmost importance. I am looking for our realm’s strongeste, fasteste, smarteste, and braveste to assist me with a task. We reached out to civic leaders all over the realm and YOU were the heroes recommended by your community! Within thise bundle you shall receive a chit for one hundred gold to fund your journey to the shining star of our realm, the capital city of Ebb. This letter will be yer ticket to travel unfettered through the land. We gather at Ebb in exactly sixe months time. I cannot wait to mete you all. This is not a demand, but I humbly beg you to come and be part of a grande ADVENTURE!

With respect,
Argus Steadfast The Green

...And Our Story Begins

It has been ten years since King G’Earth Raynesford was slain by his evil, ambitious, brother, Tuck. The True King’s headstrong daughter, Lane snuck away the night he was murdered and vowed to return and remove her uncle from the throne. Through many trials and adventures she circled the kingdom, gathering an army of citizens loyal to the king to fight by her side. They marched upon the capital and many were killed. A small group of heroes broke the ranks and overtook the vile interloper.

It has been ten years…
Lane Raynesford has ruled Fairwind with a level head. Her citizens know she is kind, wise, and will fight to the death for the most lowly of peasant. Fairwind has grown fat, happy, and complacent under her rule. Beloved by every man, woman, and child, the queen works hard to keep every mouth fed. But riches come at a price.

As the land has grown ever indulgent and content, the rich men have looked for ways to climb to the top of the ladder. An ill wind blows in Fairwind once more, and upon it whispers of a conspiracy. The Wizards have all shut themselves within their Universities, and no longer hold council with the queen, save Lane’s godfather (and the man who fought at her side to take down her evil uncle for the good of the kingdom) Argus Steadfast, who acts as a go-between for the queen and the Wizard community.
It is with Argus that our story begins. He has gathered a small group at the University of Magic in the capital city of Ebb with nothing more than a politely worded letter inviting these young ruffians, scholars and adventurers to the Great Hall.

Because when the greatest Wizard in the land invites you to tea, you better damn well show up.

The History Of Fairwind

There was once a great drought that lasted 2 years. The realm almost completely collapsed, and was changed forever. The citizens of Fairwind have a week long festival in May to celebrate the rains returning to the realm on the “fair wind”. The people are simple farmers, craftsman, artisans, and peasants. (I will be re-drawing my map so everyone can know what the kingdom looks like.) Scattered across the kingdom are smaller towns and several bigger cities. Much of the land is comprised of wilderness and tiny villages.

Fairwind used to be Edwinlund, named for a great king many years ago. After the mysterious 2 year drought the Raynesford family brought stability to the kingdom. They contracted gnomish inventors to create the river feeding aquifers and set up a new system of government.Gnome_Sketch_by_IgorSan.jpgThe realm had wells and gnome built pump-fed springs that fed the river to keep it from going dry. Many said it was a sign that the “Rains”ford’s come to the realms aid after the great drought, and the family enjoyed great prosperity, also aided greatly by their fair hand, strength, courage, dedication, and down-to-earth-ness. G’Earth Raynesford in several generation decended from the King Merland Raynesford who saved the realm, but he rules following the same precepts and morals set by his ancestors.


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