Archibalde le d’Tourmande, Noble Hero of the Realm and last Elf of Ozem

Elf Wizard/Sorcerer


My people descended from the ancient race of the Ozem. With my brother Aeomer’s death twenty years ago I am the last elf of Ozem. However, there is more to a man than his heritage. Though I am the last of my line I have a large and loving family.

I am a proud member of the Stonehammer Dwarven Clan, raised from early adolescence by my adopted father. My brothers and sisters mean more to me than anything else, and it for them that I live.

My childhood is mostly a blur of fear and ash. I know not what happened to my birth parents or much beyond my 71st year, I was but a child after all. My brother and I were taken in by our father and raised amid our many brothers and sisters in Thornbush. My brother and I made the Neverending Forest our own, flitting among the trees and while my brother was practicing his archery I was practicing my carousing.

Magic was a natural talent to me, a remnant of my ancient Ozem blood. I was able to move objects and set fires with a wave of my hand. While I mostly used my magical skills for party tricks there were several occasions where it saved lives.

I was always well liked by those I met, even those who did not see eye to eye with me. I had many friends I would consider family. These years were some of the best of my life.

The events of the rebellion years and the ascension of Lady Lane to the throne of Fairwind are well documented. The roles of myself and my friends in those events are sung of in ballads across the kingdom so I will not bore you with the details again.

The years since I have remained close with Lady Lane and the royal family. With my accumulated treasure I purchased an estate in the hills near Ebb and reside there still. I visit my family in Thornbush frequently and remain close with all of the friends I have made.

The years have been good to me. I have had the opportunity to relax and enjoy the good life. Good wine, good food, and good company abound. Part of me misses the adventure and the daring but I have a long life ahead of me and should the need arise I will be there to lend my magic to the side of heroism again.

Until that time, my sword remains above the mantle and the books of lore remain in the library, ready to be dusted off when I have need of them.

Archibalde le d’Tourmande, Noble Hero of the Realm and last Elf of Ozem

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