p. It has been ten years since King G’Earth Raynesford was slain by his evil, ambitious, brother, Tuck. The True King’s headstrong daughter, Lane snuck away the night he was murdered and vowed to return and remove her uncle from the throne. Through many trials and adventures she circled the kingdom, gathering an army of citizens loyal to the king to fight by her side. They marched upon the capital and many were killed. A small group of heroes broke the ranks and overtook the vile interloper.

It has been ten years…
p. Lane Raynesford has ruled Fairwind with a level head. Her citizens know she is kind, wise, and will fight to the death for the most lowly of peasant. Fairwind has grown fat, happy, and complacent under her rule. Beloved by every man, woman, and child, the queen works hard to keep every mouth fed. But riches come at a price.

As the land has grown ever indulgent and content, the rich men have looked for ways to climb to the top of the ladder. An ill wind blows in Fairwind once more, and upon it whispers of a conspiracy. The Wizards have all shut themselves within their Universities, and no longer hold council with the queen, save Lane’s godfather Argus Steadfast who acts as a go-between for the queen and the Wizard community.

It is with Argus that our story begins. He has gathered a small group at the University of Magic in the capital city of Ebb with nothing more than a politely worded letter inviting these young ruffians, scholars and adventurers to the Great Hall.

Because when the greatest Wizard in the land invites you to tea, you better damn well show up.