Ciel's Grandfather



The story of M’haal is an ancient one however it is known only by few. It is said that in another world and another time there was a demon lord named Baal who was himself murder incarnate. Many beings have tried to overcome him falling only to the mortal Cyric. In his demise a piece of his essence was lost to existence and found its way to a trio of mighty beings of fate. The first being was named Naisssance fated the essence rebirth as another mighty demon and gifted him the name M’haal. The second being was named Vie and fated him to rise to the position of Lord and gifted M’haal the ability to visit this plane every hundred years but only for a single day. The third being was named Deces and he was enraged for his sister’s gift prevented the glorious death that he was planning for the essence. Determined to ruin his sister’s plans he gifted M’haal two prophecies. The first prophecy “Thou shall gain what was believed to be had when you gain what you had not” and the second “a descendant or his friends found shall change the course his world is bound”

Thus M’haal was born. As powerful and intelligent he was fueled by a desire to discover the meaning behind the prophecies. In his quest he quickly ascended to the title of Demon Lord. Every hundred years for a single day he would come to our plane and wreak havoc upon the land. Every time he would find a town or village. Determined to answer the riddles of his birth he would then ask them, “What could I gain by sparing this town it’s destruction that I do not already possess?”. For thousands of years no one could answer this question. Thus he would lay waste to the town and continue on his rampage. He had all the gold, power, food, and concubines he could ever want, what more was there. So for thousands of years villages would be razed and tens of thousands fell to this mighty beast.

Approximately 160 years ago M’haal was back in this world upon the lands of Fairwind when he found himself the remote mountain village of Liore. Drooling with anticipation and blood lust he bellowed once more as he had hundreds of times before, “What could I gain by sparing this town it’s destruction that I do not already possess?”, expecting some fool to open his mouth and doom his town. Much to his surprise in this town not only did no one flee including children but they all pulled out weapons, posed themselves defensively as if expecting a fight and tightened there lips as if they knew not to answer. In all his life nothing like this had ever occurred, M’haal was perplexed. He lunged for the nearest man demanding ”Answer me!”. The man disappeared in a puff of smoke.

To his rear, he suddenly heard the voice of a women and even though she wasn’t it felt as if she was singing, “Ask your question again please.” He sneered, ”You insolent cunt! I asked what could I get by sparing this town it’s destruction that I do not already possess?" he spun around in fit of rage. What he saw surprised him for not only was and for the first time a woman came to answer his riddle, but this wasn’t some common wench. She was without a doubt the most beautiful woman of the lands. Her eyes were as blue as the sky and as deep as the ocean, with a shimmer that matched M’haal’s own glowing red eyes. Her hair was as platinum as moonlight and her skin was as soft as silk. Even at first glance M’haal understood her beauty hid behind it a deadliness like that of nightshade. Her face showed no fear at his sight and this put him ill at ease a new emotion that he did not like.

Atropa became leader of Liore by defeating her father the previous leader in combat at the ripe age of sixteen. Nearly every male in town and even a couple females asked for her hand in marriage but she always felt compelled in her heart to turn them down. Which is why she knew the answer. Though she didn’t know it she shared the same prophecy M’haal was seeking to answer. “Love!”, She exclaimed. With a soft smile on her face. Mhaal gave out a mighty laugh and swung his arm to backhand the fool. Stupid human woman and her dumb smile , he thought; I will destroy this whelp.

However with the first prophecy answered his heart started to race and in M’haal’s mind time started to slow to a crawl almost like magic. Staring at this innocent woman of tremendous beauty, smile on her face, despite her impending demise. He realized she was right. For all his life he had fought other demons, wreaked villages, aspired to hellish powers, dined on meat that could drive a man to madness, and tore crying women apart with his hellish cock [that inappropriate line was for you Steve], all that he did had only brought him momentary moments of joy. That perhaps he could perhaps gain something more than just being feared. As his heart raced and his perception of time slowed he kept on staring at her. In that moment he discovered new feelings of empathy and compassion. He knew her struggles and fears and hopes and knew that she understood his. He knew that he was an open book that she was the first to read. That one moment was only a second but for him it was an eternity. When it was over though M’haal was in love.

His arm stopped but a hair shy of her face and he asked for her name. “Atropa" she said, her smile somehow growing even warmer with just the slightest hint of deadliness. “And will you be the one to love me?” M’haal questioned. This was the first time he truly felt fear, expecting her to say no. Atropos grabbed his hand and held it to her face lovingly, “Of course.” And so the town was saved.

Alas that leaves a second prognostication “a descendant or his friends found shall change the course his world is bound” left to be fulfilled. Perhaps his tragic beginnings will forge their only grandchild to achieve what M’haal has yet to do.


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