Wee Willie McLargehuge

A Brash and Confident Bugbear Thug/Domain Wizard


Wee Willie McLargehuge at your service… for a price of course. Now that I have been forced out of the Tanner Street Gang I am looking for a good reason to get out of town for a tad. I might just be the most terrifying Bugbear you have ever encountered but if I count you among my friends… well a better friend you will never have!

I am a Thug/Domain Wizard (aka Fighter/Mage) and although Wee Willie does not know a lot of magic at the moment his ingenuity might surprise you. Standing 7’ even and just shy of 300lbs Wee Willie is not so much wee as he is McLargehuge, but he has a subtle grace that is impressive. Skilled with his trusty longsword “Gut Cleaver” and more than willing to swing it about violently.

So lets crack some skulls me lads!


Wiliam Pendleton was orphaned as a young lad (5 yo) after his parents were slain in the Battle of Ebb, when forces loyal to Lane Raynesford assaulted the city to defeat the usurper Tuck. William was taken in by loyalists, Theobold & Jemma Pendleton, who raised him and treated him as one of their own, even putting him through arcane training at the university.

Once William got older he began to rebel, constantly fighting with his family, his instincts and the desire to find his own way. Eventually he abandoned his studies running away and living on the mean streets of Ebb. This might have ended badly for someone else but William was meaner than the streets, eventually falling in with the Tanner Street Boys, a demihuman gang led by the Wizard Tranfo. It was Tranfo that saw the true potential in William and right away began finishing his training in the arcane arts. William, now know as Wee Willie, became an enforcer and worked his was up running various scams, extortions and his own small crew of thieves to become a lieutenant.

Recently Tranfo asked Wee Willie to assassinate a rival and when he refused Tranfo declared him an outcast. Wee Willie was able to escape before the gang fell upon him. Now he is looking for a way out of Ebb before the Tanner Street Boys find him.

Wee Willie McLargehuge

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